What is iQfon?

iQfon is a mobile App which enables you to make low-cost international calls.

How does it work?

iQfon uses GSM network to make local calls to an access number and these calls are delivered to the destination number.

Do I need INTERNET to make calls?

Yes and No! You need to be connected to the internet when dialing a new number! Once the connection is established, then there is no need to be connected to the internet! Moreover, dialing the numbers stored in your FAVORITE folder dose not require any internet connection.

Dose iQfon uses my Data Plan for the calls?

iQfon, only uses a tiny bit of data for establishing the calls! After that, it uses your Call Plan minutes. (Most mobile operators offer unlimited plans for Talk and Text).

Is it FREE to make calls?

It is FREE to test. Upon sign up, we give you FREE credit so you can start making calls right away. You can purchase more credit anytime from the “Add Credit” tab in your App.

How much per minute does it cost?

We provide very competitive and low cost rates for all destinations around the world. You can find our complete A-Z rates from the RATES tab above.

Is there a setup or connection fee?

No, there is not any setup or connection fee.

Is there any additional cost from my mobile operator?

Using iQfon to make calls will use your mobile minutes depending on the package to which you have subscribed to. (Most mobile operators offer unlimited plans for Talk and Text).

Can I use iQfon when I travel?

No, you can not use iQfon when you travel.

Does iQfon work everywhere?

iQfon is currently supported in USA and Canada, however we suggest that you check our website regularly as we are constantly adding our coverage.